Play PUBG Like A Pro On Your Smartphone With These Accessories

PUBG or ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’ is a widely popular game that has changed the way we play games on our mobile phones. The graphics are top of the line, it has a huge map, excellent physics and it’s addictive as hell. 

The trend has been picking up for months and there is no sign of stopping, in fact, PUBG themed Cafe’s have popped up and it is very well a part of the youth culture now. 

In the Battle Royale format, players fight each other and the last one standing wins. The new genre is known to be extremely addictive and with a team or dual capability, playing and coordinating with friends is even more fun.

1. iPEGA Gamepad Pro

We all remember the days of portable consoles like the PSP or the Nintendo DS. Portable consoles are no more, and mobiles have successfully taken over the reins. 

But we have to admit, playing a game on a touchscreen phone isn’t as fun as having a controller. The precision and control are much better and overall, the gaming experience is a lot more ergonomic. 

This controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can work natively, although a few games may require a companion app for controls. It has an independent battery life of 20 hours along with dual analogue sticks and triggers. 

The phone can is safely tucked in a clamp that comes with two adjustable angles. Overall, this is the best controller you can get for your Android phone cheap today.

2. ROCK Fire Buttons

We all know how difficult it can get to aim and shoot on a touchscreen interface. You may shift the aim while tapping the trigger or the tap doesn’t get registered properly. Also, with glass or metal builds along with an edge-to-edge display, quite a lot of phones aren’t very comfortable to hold. 

These button triggers are specially built for games like PUBG where timing is everything. Once installed, you just need to hold em down like a physical trigger and concentrate on improving your aim. These also help in getting a better hold of your phone

3. Baseus S09 Earbuds :

In-game, it’s very important to keep your ears open and keep a track of enemy combatants. Whether in a house or open grounds, footsteps are easily audible. When you’re in a team setup, communication matters the most, and you need to have a good mic that excels at reducing background noise. 

A perfect combination of good sound quality and mic input is provided by this earbuds. They are connected via Bluetooth, so you don’t even have to hassle with wires. These have excellent noise isolation and the mic is close to your face, concentrating on voice only.

4. Mi Power Bank

We all know playing PUBG is battery intensive, and on longer gaming sessions, no matter how big your phone’s battery is, a portable charger always comes in handy. 

I’ve been using the Xiaomi power bank for a long time now and it is among the most recommended one in the market because of its quality. It is available in 10,000 as well as 20,000mAh capacity, supports two USB output ports, and has a solid metal construction.

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Basavaraj n nadagoudar
February 19, 2019

Best game

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